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Since the "What are you going to do with yourself this week?" emails are rolling in re: how the Bond/George Rowe the Dog homefront denizens plan to fill their hours while Christopher is off doing the Sycamore Hill thing, I thought I'd make an informative list.

1. Mr. Rowe said he was going to ask me to guest blog. He actually didn't, because that was just a joke. However, I do know his password. I also know that he really doesn't like putting up results to whatever little quiz is of the moment and that sort of thing, though sometimes he will if I make him. So each day this week I'll be posting the results to a little quiz over at UnCommonwealth. It's up to you to decide whether I answered the questions as myself or as I thought he might answer them. And YOU CAN PLAY ALONG: I urge you all to pick these up on your own sites and make sure you say Via Christopher Rowe -- you see, there's no Internet and barely any phone up at Syc Hill, so he will only find out about this when he comes back and begins to catch up on his blog-reading. Here's the first one, appropriately enough asking "Which Bond Girl are you?"

2. Clean the house and keep it clean all week.

3. Write a fucking lot. I plan to get as close to finishing as possible or actually finish the revision on Girl's Gang. (Note: This item will consume most of my "free" time.)

4. Take George the Dog outside whenever he wants to go.

5. Water the plants and pray for rain.

6. Sleep on the side of the bed with the alarm clock. Hope that brain can be reset to recognize that when it goes off it means me.

7. Finish A Princess of Roumania.

8. Run a toll booth.

9. Okay, not really. I will need all my peeps on hand when I run the toll booth, as you know.

10. Whatever I want. Thus meaning I could decide to do none of these things after all. But I probably will do them anyway. But only because I want to.


  • At 10:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm confused. I don't see 'drinking' anywhere on this list. Maybe I should look for 'get my drink on."


  • At 10:52 AM , Blogger chance said...

    Finish a princess of roumania sounds very ... sinister.

    I knew you were secretly a master criminal.


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