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I've (re)discovered this little wonder drug this week. Maybe you've hard of it: caffeine.

Why I ever cut back I no longer remember. I believe it had something to do with not wanting to be abso-fucking-lutely miserable if I missed my morning dose or some such silliness. Morning dose? That was my first mistake. You must spread it out to really reap the benefit, you see.

I am one of the people in that special hell we call Seasonal Allergies. We also live in the city with the number one worst allergy conditions in the country this year. It's not just the sniffling, hacking and non-easy breathing, it's the total zap on your energy. I was talking to a fellow sufferer the other day and she looked perky and wonderful. She confessed she'd stockpiled ephedra before it was banned and was popping it in addition to her Claritin and NasalChrome. Not having done such (and being deadly afraid of ephedra), I figured I'd go for the low-tech version of this: doubling my morning tea (Tazo Awake) to two large to-go mugs as close together as possible and raising that a Diet Coke or two around lunch, which I often go for a walk outside after. Do I feel better? I seem to be able to breathe and I'm sleeping fine after dosing with Melatonin and Zyrtec. Has the caffeine regimen conquered my allergies or has it just given me the superpower of energy? Who cares?

I feel like god.

I know, I know: this feeling might not last forever, but at this rate, I'll be back on Peet's by next month. And I'll meet my writing deadlines too.

Isn't it beautiful?


  • At 7:59 PM , Blogger Jimmy said...

    I'm a loyal benadryl man at bedtime, but I'm curious: What's melatonin like?

  • At 11:15 PM , Blogger Mandy said...

    Gwenda, sweetie-I hear you on the allergies. Just imagine how I feel, coming back to the #1 allergy city after nine years away--it's like nine times as bad. Try being, on a scale of one-to-five (five being the worst) allergic to bluegrass AS a five, which is especially bad when one lives in the bluegrass state.

    It's miserable, I tell ya.

    However, melatonin rocks. Don't just save it for allergy season--I take it all year long.


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