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really, the world does need at least one more literary journal

The Fairy Tale Review's first issue is coming soon and it looks amazing. It will feature work by Aimee Bender (the link will take you to her piece "Apples"), Stacey Richter, Kim Addonizio, and Donna Tartt, to name a few. It will also include the transcript of a panel between Kate Bernheimer, Francine Prose, Kiki Smith, Wendy Weitman and Jack Zipes called “Retelling Little Red et al: Fairy Tales in Art & Literature” from a Museum of Modern Art event.

The FTR's description sez:

Fairy Tale Review is an annual literary journal devoted to contemporary fairy tales. The journal hopes to provide an elegant and innovative venue for both established and emerging authors of poetry and prose. Fairy Tale Review is not devoted to any particular school of writing, but rather to fairy tales as an inspiring art form.

There's lots more at the website.


  • At 8:55 PM , Blogger Janni said...

    Ooooh, this looks cool--thanks for the pointer to it!


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