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Wendy McClure at Pound (who has been having one helluva boot camp and could probably kick your ass by now) sez something very funny in her latest post:

Speaking of readings, did you see how Margaret Atwood went and invented this thing that signs books from a remote location? No, really: Margaret Atwood totally invented a robot arm that signs books. That's just surreal. Wouldn't it be great if writers just did that stuff all the time? Like if David Foster Wallace just came up with some crazy precision laser beam that can render legible footnotes in microscopic -15pt type, or Tom Wolfe devised an electromagnetic wand to detect irony in sex scenes? Personally I would improve on the book-signing invention by solving the women-writers-can't-get-male-groupies problem at the same time. That's right--I would build a Book-Touring Femmebot, with Realdoll parts and NPR personality. Among its many features it would adminster a stun-gun-like shock to anyone who says something like, "So your book, it's really just chick lit, right?" or "Why aren't you on Oprah?"
I think this is a fabulous idea, though it'd also be kind of fun if Margaret Atwood accidentally turned herself into a robot.


  • At 1:37 AM , Blogger Ted said...

    Handy how Margaret Atwood gets credited with this invention, even though she's not doing any of the work of turning the idea into a working device. If only all inventors had it that easy.


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