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same old song, but not dance

The first rule of dance club is...

(Still alive, so don't worry. Do not seek the dwarf.)

Paging down through the last week or two's worth of posts, I see a pattern emerging -- a pattern that must be very boring to watch. Today is too busy to do anything about that, but I've noticed and I vow to do better and actually make that post in response to OGIC's thoughts on demonstrative reading. (After all, I should be qualified, as possibly the only anarchy-minded high school cheerleader who ever got disciplined for reading Salman Rushdie on the sidelines while sitting out in full uniform "being sick." I was sick a LARGE amount of the time that year, only just when I was supposed to hold pom poms. Or go to first period.) (It was Midnight's Children, if you must know.)

A few hangovers in the meantime:

1. So, Nebula preliminary ballots are out there and this year lucky SFWA members can vote online too (both must be received by Feb. 11). Make sure you vote in the novelette category (whistling innocently).

2. Mr. Barzak (whose already voted his preliminary conscience) posts about the things he does and doesn't like about Japan and lots of other interesting stuff. Check him out. And if you know any good doctors in or around Toyko, drop him a line. They're obviously enacting a nefarious plot to cripple the United States' greatest hope to best them in Olypmic Karaoke.

3. Carrie reveals that Curtis Sittenfeld is not one of her ex-boyfriends.

4. Holly Black returns from ALA and recommends Boy Proof by Celia Castellucci.

That's it for now. Have a less gray day.


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