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the man around town

Alan DeNiro launches "The Black Kitten's Fault Entirely," which may ultimately be part of a "novel" but is sure to provide entertaining fiction in blog form. He sorta explains at Ptarmigan.

Check him out, yo.

(Did I mention there's an Old Man Willow drawing up in my office now? Only those of you present for Certain Rap Stylings will get that one.)

Also, Kelly and Gavin sent contributor's copies and a mix CD and other things. Yay!

Kevin Brockmeier's City of Names is at the library. Yay!

It is fucking Friday night. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, I realize a scant two years ago this would have exceeded my exclamatory quota for the year; I mean it.)

You should really read The Seas though, so we can chat. It's dainty and awesome.


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