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The Rake pointed to this Christian Science Monitor article on Book Lover's Trivial Pursuit (and something called Booktastic). It sayeth:

Everything about this game looks colorful and fun, from the day-glo board to the metal play pieces. Questions appear in six categories of books: children's, classics, nonfiction, book club, authors, and book bag. Players (alone or in groups) must successfully answer one from each. Get your No. 2 pencil ready because this is not a game for the casual reader. We found it considerably more difficult than Booktastic. No subjective responses are allowed, and many of the questions struck our group - which contained two English teachers, two librarians from Harvard, and a Ph.D. in comparative literature - as very, very tough. Still, if you spend enough time studying the cards before company arrives, you'll look like a genius. (Shhhh)

We've been playing this for a month or so now and, in fact, we are so geeky that we take the cards with us and do them during the every-once-and-awhile Sunday afternoon cheeseburger and beer/wine outing. I have some in my purse right now. Anyway, there are hard questions, but the game is not that tough. It is full of fairly recent stuff, though, and also very wide-ranging in terms of genre, which may be what flummoxed this guy's crowd.

Sample questions for your pleasure:

Children's -- Who teaches charms at Hogwarts?
Classic Literature -- What taboo B-word in George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion sparked a scandal on the London stage?
Nonfiction (note: the Sports of Book Lover's Trivial Pursuit, sad to say) -- What nation's military coup did author Thomas Hauser explore, in The Execution of Charles Horman, later published as Missing?
Book Club -- What Gloria Naylor novel focuses on sea island matriarch Miranda Day?
Authors What author of Sally Hemmings sculpted Africa Rising, a monument to slave trade victims that graces the lobby of a Manhattan federal building?
Book Bag (note: This is usually science fiction or mystery, with the occasional romance clue. This is where Sarah Weinman would kick your ass.) -- What science-fiction author invited others into his Known Space universe, to write stories documenting the Man-Kzin Wars?

Well, you stumped? I'd get about half of these. On a good day. And this seems like a harder than normal set of questions.

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