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some songs I liked

in 2004. Since I rediscovered radio this year, things became very song-focused for a change. So, here's some songs from this year that I always turned up when they came on. Not that I'm sure they're all from 2004, but... links to places where you can hear these songs provided where available.

1. "Unmade Bed," Sonic Youth from Sonic Nurse

2. "The Great Love Sound," The Raveonettes from Chain Gang of Love -- I heart everything by this band.

3. "Bam Thwok," The Pixies -- The first time I heard this I kept trying and trying to figure out why I didn't quite recognize it. Thank you, Shrek-idiots.

4. "Jessica," Adam Green from Jessica EP -- most sing-a-longable of the year (and Jessica Simpson, natch):
"tomorrow gets closer a purple bulldozer is calling you on the phone.
your lovelife preceeds you, your son in law feeds you, injections of cortizone."

5. "Stay Loose," Belle & Sebastian from Dear Catastrophe Waitress -- I finally liked them this year!

6. "The Rat," The Walkmen from Bows and Arrows

7. "It's a Hit," Rilo Kiley from More Adventurous -- I still think this is better than "Portions for Foxes."

8. "Jubilee," Patti Smith from Trampin' (also an awesome song)

9. "Static on the Radio," Jim White from Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me What You See

10. "Slung Lo," Erin McKeown from Grand

11. "Portland, Oregon," Loretta Lynn and Jack White from Van Lear Rose

12. "Johnny Cash," Sons and Daughters from Love the Cup

13. "Wicked and Weird," Buck 65 from Talkin' Honky Blues -- This whole album is genius.

And oh, so many more. I'm sure I'll update this list or maybe not. But these were songs I liked. Along with other songs, which I've forgotten about just now.

Note: I am completely clueless where this whole mpbleh stuff is concerned, so if I'm linking to illegal stuff, it's an accident. I promise!

Addition #1 (14). "Won't Be Home," Old 97's -- I memorized the lyrics the first time I heard it. Great song.


  • At 12:46 PM , Blogger Tito said...

    I vacilate between "Portions for Foxes" and "Me and Mia" (Ted Leo/Rx) for song of the year. There's some stuff on here I hadn't tried out yet and will do so.

    I don't listen to much radio, but if you'd care to say what you like about sirius I'm all ears.

    Here are my 3 favorite internet-based options, too: - Has a variety of "channels" but I mostly hang out in the indie pop/rock area.
    Pros: Free Ninety-Nine, Excellent music, View playlists online so you can find out "what was that song?" (rhapsody/real)- There is a subscription for this, but I like the ability to play songs "on demand". I can burn individual tracks for $.79. You can also set up custom radio stations.
    Cons: Somewhat lacking from some "indie" labels (on demand -- they include pretty much anything in the radio stations), but does have many Sub-Pop/Matador groups (no Saddle-Creek - The Faint / Bright Eyes / Cursive ) - Similar to the custom radio stations features from and probably better. By ranking songs/artists/albums/genres it can tune itself to your tastes, pretty, well, too. Pros: Free, good indie catalog, accurate predictions of tastes. Cons: No on-demand.

  • At 1:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Nice list. The Raveonettes are an absolutely great band, and that whole album is tremendous (I've read somewhere -- and I can't say if this is true -- that they slated to have a new album in early 2005). I, too, really like Rilo Kiley's "It's a Hit," as much as I like "Portion for Foxes" -- heck, any song on that album is fine by me.


  • At 2:41 PM , Blogger Tito said...

    Jenny Lewis has already recorded a "soulful" solo album, to be released on team love records (same label as recent tour mates Tilly and the Wall)

  • At 3:07 PM , Blogger gwenda said...

    Re: Sirius.

    I love the radio. Especially unexpectedly smash-bam-boom falling in love with a song on the radio. There's just something about hearing a song you love that you know, or that you don't, out of the blue hiss in the car unexpectedly that makes it sweeter. I can remember pretty much every radio station that's ever surprised me and, things being what they are (fuck you, Clear Channel), they're all dead now. More or less. The last good station we had here bit the dust last year, sold to a gospel co.


    I'm in my car a fair amount and I felt like I was listening to a descending amount of new stuff because I'm always 10 years behind the curve adapting to any new method of music delivery (I only now break down and replace the tapes of albums I really loved with CDs). Sirius -- which is not the one partially owned by the aforementioned evil Clear Channel -- is like God's own radio station. There are flaws, sure, but I've heard a ton of new music I've loved and there's such a range of stuff I can choose to listen to on any given day. Including non-depressing talk radio.

    I love it. Of course, this is probably all just leftover mental scarring from growing up in the sticks and having to try and tape songs off the radio. There's just something special about not being able to hit repeat sometimes.

  • At 3:08 PM , Blogger gwenda said...

    Oh and hey, thanks for the recs and the info.

  • At 4:41 PM , Blogger Syntax of Things said...

    Damn fine list, gwenda. Thanks for the links. By the way, these appear to be mostly legal.


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