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happy solstice

While I'm waiting for someone to step up and claim the prize mentioned below, happy winter solstice. Otherwise known as the Shortest Day of the Year.

I was just laughing at some sort of weirdo email I was forwarded about this, encouraging celebration, and then I remembered that I actually have danced around a bonfire in the middle of nowhere for winter solstice. It was bitter cold and our breath was like smoke. An artist renowned for his love of fine whiskey was there and passing a bottle of something that burned like fire. A lovely night.

So, celebrate. Or listen to Robert Graves read "To Juan at the Winter Solstice." You might want to check out Terry's beautiful entry from last night, too.

We're taking someone wonderful passing through town to our favorite restaurant downtown, which I like to call The Confederacy of Dunces place, since the proprietor reminds me of nothing else. I'm sure it will be celebratory.


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