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The thing is too much time has passed and I've turned out to be too lazy to do a proper review of the dapper Scott Westerfeld's So Yesterday. It's the coolest YA you have the opportunity to read this year -- and not just because it's about a coolhunting kid thrown into investigating a mystery that threatens the very fabric of consumer culture (and who is already in love with New York City and falling in love with a very Nod-worthy girl in the meantime).

If you don't believe me, check out Chris McLaren's take, or Cory Doctorow's. (Or that of an actual teenager linked from the book's title above.)

I'm feeling givey, and I happen to have an extra copy of the book on hand. I will happily send it to the first person who emails me and/or posts in the comments to claim it -- and I'll possibly include some other fun things too.


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