shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


too cold for swimming but the lady don't mind (no, no, no)

(It's possible that even small amounts of karaoke may rot your brain. And by "your" I mean my.)

NYT story on Arctic surprises and nine-story drilling rig(!):

The ice-cloaked Arctic Ocean was once apparently a warm, biologically brewing basin so rich in sinking organic material that some scientists examining fresh evidence pulled from a submerged ridge near the North Pole say the seabed may now hold significant oil and gas deposits.

This is just one of many findings from a pioneering expedition that in late summer sent dozens of scientists and technicians on three icebreakers - one with a drilling rig nine stories tall - into the drifting, crunching plates of sea ice to retrieve the first long-term record of climate and ocean conditions there. The expedition drilled 1,400 feet deep, retrieving cores of sediment that, with some gaps, span 56 million years. Scientists from around the world gathered in Bremen, Germany, this month to analyze the samples.

Somewhere someone is making up a plan to drill and extract.


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