shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


gaddisly yours

You see, I decided since doing the weekly reading last week during lunch on Monday and Tuesday worked so well with Chapter 1 of The Recognitions that I'd do it again this week. Only it hasn't happened. I find the book squinting at me knowingly, taunting me, really, and I am comforted only by the thought that surely this Thursday will be a light chat night (falling as it does when most people are comatose from overindulgence in honor of thanks) and I'll be able to get all caught up by next week.

Except, I'm fearing a pattern. I hope the rest of the drinking Gaddis readers are performing with greater honor.

Also: see Matt Cheney's list of stories he dug from this year. Several of my own favorites are on there and once I remember what other stories I read this year that were actually published this year, I might even compile something similar.


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