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A few days ago, Mr. Rowe sent the following query to a group of friends. We're still struggling with an answer, so I repost it here because youse guys are the smartest. Help us please. George needs earmuffs.

I've been writing a lot over the last few days on one of the manual typewriters we bought down in Asheville. It's a lot of fun and, counterintuitively (to me at least), has made me worry a lot less about producing "clean" first drafts.

Anyway, it's loud. I mean LOUD. Gwenda's developing strategies to deal, but poor George the Dog isn't happy with it at all (and really, G isn't _happy_). All of which leads me to this. I'm having the devil's own time finding a US dealership list for the companies that still make manuals (Olivetti and Olympia seems to be about it, though apparently there are companies in India that make 'em, but not for distribution over here). I think the main problem I'm having is that my google skills suck. Anybody have the time or inclination to help me out (or rather, help George and Gwenda out) with this? I've tried what seems like dozens of keywords and search parameters, and while I can find lots of places to buy them ONLINE, I kinda want to go check one out before I get a new one.

This is all on the theory that the newer models are quieter than my current one, of course.

If anybody has any experience with newer model manuals and is willing to share your knowledge post in the comments or email Christopher at CVRowe AT Gmail DOT com. He's also posted his own query at his site.


  • At 3:37 PM , Blogger chance said...

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  • At 3:39 PM , Blogger chance said...

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  • At 3:41 PM , Blogger chance said...

    oops, i did not read the post carefully *hangs head in shame*

  • At 3:41 PM , Blogger The Great RDini said...

    Kentucky Typewriter Company, 425 South 3rd St., Louisville, KY 40202. Phone 502-583-9805, fax 502-583-7157. Typewriters and computers, sales and service. Owner: Norma Duncan. In business for over 50 years.

    RD at your service :)

  • At 3:47 PM , Blogger Christopher said...

    Thanks, guys. Unfortunately I already tried both of those routes. Hammacher Schlemmer stopped carrying manuals both online and in their New York and Chicago stores some time ago (they never sold _any_ from the dude I got on the phone said, and the reason that it was still on the website was that nobody has ever called and asked for one--they say they'll take it down now). RD, the phone numbers for that place in Louisville are disconnected, and a guy I called at another place in Louisville said the place on Third Street has been gone "for years."

    Internet don't seem so fancy now, does it?

  • At 3:49 PM , Blogger The Great RDini said...

    Curses foiled again!!! :)

  • At 4:07 PM , Blogger chance said...

    Ok, having been nonhelpful - what about some noise abatement then? try putting the typewriter on something sound absorbing like a towel, also fill part of the cavity underneath if you can without interfering with the action of the keys.

    Probably won't help loads, but may help enough to placate george for the time being.

  • At 6:33 PM , Blogger chance said...

    ok this might be a bit far - but it sounds like he has all kinds of typewriters of the old and not so old sort, and seems like you could test them. Not new, but from all the googling sounds like noiseless typewriters have been around for a good while.

    (googling is always more fun that working the overtime you ought to be :) )

  • At 9:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Have you tried this place? It's on Shelby St. in Louisville.



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