shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


in which even I am bored

Things are busy and busy things keep busy girls from posting. I guess I will take an actual hiatus here, without having posted my intended reviews of So Yesterday and The Game of Sunken Places (free copies for giveaway upon return). If you're looking for something quick and pleasurable to read over the holiday, picking up one or both of these would be a smart option.

People are coming. Supplies must be laid in. Stockpiled really. We have achieved guest room. A new bag has been installed in the Vacuum Cleaner of Doom for use this evening. All is quiet. All is well.

We plan to maybe do some writing. Definitely some drinking and lolligagging. Perhaps those of you patient souls in the slush pile can even expect responses following this news blackout.

Dan Rather, you will be missed. Of all the anchors, you are the one I can most imagine clinking glasses with.

Have a good several days. Until we meet again. All that.


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