shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


insert title of pointlessness here, which is more than I'm willing to do at the moment

I think I have a cold. Ken Jen lost. We must wonder if he threw it, right?

Oh well, everyone looked relieved, especially since they'd already heard about it on the interweb yesterday. (Um, yeah, I'm kidding.) (Space time paradox! Hey, I have this great idea, go back in time and kill your grandfather!)

The local TV news people look like whores. No, really. These ones do.

A few stray links:

  • Molly Ringwald catch-up. The cool teen star. (Note to Christopher: telling people she lives in Paris is no longer accurate.) (Via Maud, via Trixie(!).)
  • "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" mystery solved years ago at Harper's (vaguely familiar, though I felt I'd missed this so there's a chance you did too). It was Donald Barthelme. (Via Altehaggen, who makes me sad with tales of absence and hosting troubles.)
  • Birnbaum vs. Lan Samantha Chang -- hey, she grew up in Appleton. Maybe she can get Carrie to please come back from vacay now?
  • China in the Guardian, totally blowing his preemptive earring strategy to hell. Now they'll just go for the whole ear. (Via no one in particular, but we'll give Mr. McLaren The Nod. )
Now, sniffle snuffle, good night.


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