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welcome to my martini glass


jiggedy jig

Well, I was very alarmed to learn that not only is it "Home again, home again, jiggety jig," meaning I've been spelling it wrong since forever but there's no illuminating origin. Yes, friends, tabula rasa on the birth of jiggety jig:

There is no particular origin or meaning for this rhyme, this is a simple knee bouncing ditty to amuse very young children.

I just don't know how this impacts my day.

I'm so far behind on everything that it's, as they say, not even funny. Behind on emails, behind on work work, behind on getting this damn book actually finished, behind on reading all the fine people to the right. So far behind, that soon I'll be ahead.

Random thoughts:

Boston was fun; got to see friends and (almost) win bar trivia.

The hotel wireless network was sinister, and made its main page my home page and wouldn't let me load any other pages starting with B, which required much deleting of cookies late last night.

People really should only be allowed to say interesting things on cell phones. If it's not worth dropping eaves on, then it's not worth barking, people. Did the guy at the airport bar yesterday not realize he was a walking cliche even before he used the phrase (with questionable inflection), "Well, it's like the glass is half empty, or it's half full?" I had to order another glass of wine.

Speaking of which, on another fun night, a lovely dinner at the fantastic Limoncello. The waiter was honest about their desserts and sent us around the corner to an equally fantastic pastry shop, Modern Pastry, where many boxes of cannoli were obtained. Many, many glasses of wine were consumed and then, at the end of the night, a new drink:


The Zelda Fitzgerald.

Half champagne, half Southern Comfort in a martini glass.


Still, glad to be home, where things are airy and fall lovely and George the Dog is very happy.


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  • At 11:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You made it to Charlie's? I'm impressed. The ;Fesser and I went there in our wedding finery, sat next to the lobster tank downstairs, and weren't even comped--that's how jaded the staff is.


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