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"Well, actually, he forgot Poland."

Does anybody else think this choice Bushism from the debate would make a stellar bumper sticker? I'm not entirely sure what flipped Dubya off his rocker last night, but it seemed to be something to the level of Laura whispering in his ear right before the debate started that she and Lynne Cheney are having an affair.

Weirdsmobile makes the need for more commentary irrelevant (via Ed, who wants you to know it's hard work).

The funniest part of Bush's performance was when he was all "let me finish" as if he were being interrupted or the timer was buzzing...except that no one was interrupting him and he wasn't even close to being out of time. Wha huh? And his comment about how he knew as much about the tragedy of war as Kerry, because "I get the casualty reports every day and I see on the TV..." comment needed? No. But here it is anyway: are you high?

Read the whole thing; I'm completely in sync with his thoughts on Kerry's performance.

The Rosebud is no longer our favorite bar, as it's apparently where idiot R's gather to watch the debate. We fled to the much quieter, less Fox-friendly Melodeon. Plus, the Rosebud's bartender needs an beating like the one W. took last night.

See also Tom Shales' column: One longtime political observer -- among the friends canvassed by this critic -- was more irreverent about the debate and how the two debaters came off: "It was Andy Griffith meets Barney Fife," he said, with Kerry in the Griffith role -- solid, sanguine, sensible -- and Bush as the nervous Fife.


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