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notes from a simpler time

...when the pols drank whiskey, rather than making you have to climb into the bottle to forget they exist. All hail George Washington, King of Whiskey.:

Whiskey makers love George Washington. To them, the Father of Our Country wasn't just America's first president, he was also the first ex-president to get into the whiskey-making business in a big way. And the folks at the Distilled Spirits Council think America ought to know a lot more about that.

That's why DISCUS, as the council calls itself, is funding the $1.5 million reconstruction of Washington's 1797 Mount Vernon distillery, to be completed in 2006. It's also why DISCUS summoned the history- and/or whiskey-loving media to Mount Vernon on Tuesday to announce that Washington's distillery will be the crown jewel of the new 'American Whiskey Trail,' a loose collection of whiskey-related tourist sites in several states.

Mmmm, whiskey. And we're still TV-less so we'll just have to drink lots of it and stare at the wall imagining The Great Debate, relying on the coverage of The Liberal Media for interpretation. Prolly better that way.

Or maybe we'll go with bourbon. 's better.

Update: We'll be watching from The Rosebud, the writing group's favorite waterhole where we had a few too many just last night (but hey, I love that van Gogh absinthe wine glass). Anyone in the neighborhood should join.


  • At 10:01 AM , Blogger Robin said...

    Whiskey Sour, or bourbon n' coke. Tough choice.

    Our TV will be tuned to the Great Debate tonight if you wish to join us, though it might be vodka instead of whiskey that is flowing. Candidates are so much more tolerable after two vodka tonics.


  • At 11:08 AM , Blogger gwenda said...

    We may just take you up on that -- depending on whether we're too lazy to get in the car after getting all the rest of the junk from our old apartment.


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