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I first learned about the Lost Books Club started by filmmaker and fanatic reader Mark Moskowitz to keep the spirit of The Stone Reader going from Tingle Alley (who has several great archived posts concerning The Stone Reader). Moskowitz is running a competition for the next ten days, which you can access via the Lost Books Club website or by signing up for the mailing. From the contest description:

For the next 10 days, starting right now (days do not start at 12:01 am, they start whenever I turn my computer on in the morning or afternoon or whenever), the first ten people replying with their name, address, zip, or whatever shipping address they want (friend’s, mother’s, etc.) will get a complimentary copy of this new lost book shipped to that address, with a bonus goodie. So, if you got this late today, you can still try tomorrow, or the next, or the next. Warning, as a condition of entering, we’ll post the winners names on the website, (unless you plead with us not to, in which case we will post it and say you pled with us not to) so you know there is no funny business (like I hoard all the copies and wait until it is lost again and sell them on the meta-data-ethereal-timeline-ebay of the future). Disclaimer: All rules for this contest are nowhere else to be found and are at my discretion and, at the moment, exist only in my head.

The new lost book will be announced October 5. I personally had no desire to read The Stones of Summer, but am always up for a free book.


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