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Aussie vs. Texan on the radio

The fantabulous Ms. Justine Larbalestier (who I owe an email telling just how delicious I found the first installment of her young adult trilogy -- which you should preorder on Amazon NOW) sends the following news of a radio appearance:

This Saturday me and Scott will be interviewed for two hours for the Hour of the Wolf program on WBAI in New York City. Perversely it's on at a MUCH better time for Australians than for USians (though who listens to the radio on a Saturday night?). I include both sets of information on the off chance that some of the USians have insomnia Friday night/Saturday morning and/or there are Aussies with nothing better to do.

Saturday, 2 October 2004,
5AM-7AM (NYC time)
7PM-9PM (Eastern Coast of Australia time)

Hour of the Wolf,WBAI 99.5 FM

For those not in NYC:Live streaming is available here:

But you'll need a real player to access it:

Any chance it will be archived?


  • At 12:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the plug, Gwenda.

    I didn't realise Magic or Madness was listed on Amazon yet. But, eek! they're listing it as a middle school book for ages 9-12, when in fact it's a Young Adult aimed at ages 12 and up. Sigh. Of course, smart nine year olds can read anything.

    Justine Larbalestier

    PS I'm looking forward to that email!


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