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Hello, I'm alive. No, really. Promise. I can't vouch for Mr. Rowe, who rode a century on his bicycle yesterday, whilst I directed movers and unpacked boxes, but I think he'll live to fight another day.

I have to tell you what happens when you procrastinate on calling and arranging for things to be tranfered and switched and stuff. Power, check, they deal with procastinators all the time -- no sweat. Water, again, check, procrastinator's delight. Phone -- well, not so much. TV, which is going to "come from space" as the first Dish Network guy we had when we tried to free ourselves from the slavish overlords of Insight Cable told us -- dependent on the phone. Internet -- also, dependent on the phone. I hope you're catching my drift. So, what I learned is, we're probably going to get lots of boxes unpacked this week, with no Intarweb, phone or TV. (You can call Christopher's cell if you're desperate and email will doubtless be checked once a day regardless.) (I could have said irregardless, but that would have just made you want to pull out your hair, so...)

Have I mentioned how wonderful the new house is? Pictures to follow at some point (and here I insert a parenthetical grrrrowl to Blogger for stopping picture hosting and um, vamoosing all previously hosted pictures, suddenly, with no warning whatsoever. Great customer service, guys! I'd complain in person but I can't ever get your complaint/problem system to work and you don't have a customer support email address!), especially of George being lord of his little fenced in yard. He is very happy, is George the Dog. This morning I chased him barefoot in my Greek Goddess/1970s drapery/Accordian night gown (it is all things to all people, this night gown o mine) as he decided to investigate the neighbors' yard and then streak down the middle of the two houses toward destiny and freedom!

Anyway, lots of boxes. Probably not much of interest here until the weekend and then I'll be in Boston from Sunday to Wednesday. Speaking of which, the people I know who live in or near Boston are traveling or not there, so if I've forgotten that you live in Boston and you'd like to entertain me briefly for a meal or coffee or a movie, or alternately, have suggestions for things I must/should/have to do -- please write ( My schedule's sort of up in the air, but there are gapables to be filled.

That's all for now, except to say that I am happy to note that another Southern Blogger Cabal meeting took place and, once again, no members were arrested. Carry on, Cabalers.


  • At 11:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey, I'll actually be in Boston this Sunday. We could convene a north of the Mason-Dixon meeting of the SBC over coffee, if you'd like. --cinetrix

  • At 11:12 AM , Blogger gwenda said...

    Sounds fabulous. I get in during the afternoon. I'll find out the details and write you.

  • At 10:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Give me more warning next time, and I will arrange for work to need me in Boston.

    Of course this time I wouldn't have been able to do it any way, as my attentions are required here to deal with Her Highness, She-Who-Screams-In-The-Night-And-Often-Also-During-The-Day.

    Old Man McLaren.


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