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Well, my excuses aren't nearly as good as, say, CAAF's for being down and out. Though there is part of me that envies the chic revisionist-medieval flashlight reading. The wireless is still invisibly hiding from my computer and we're in the midst of packing to move this coming weekend. Not to mention the hundred other things that are going on.

I wish I had time to talk about the weekend, including the mostly unbelievably painful Kentuckians Reading Kentuckians event at the Janice Holt Giles house. It was a beautiful day though, and the Giles house is always a lovely place to visit. Many people were shilling books out of their trunks. I had no idea one could get an entire chapter out of someone desperately needing to pee. (And she was with a real publisher.)

But. But. But. There's no time and I appear to have a cold/nasty sinus infection/can't breathe little men standing on eardrums infestation sort of thing going on. Visit those rascals to the right and let them amuse you. If all goes well, the phone lines for the new place will be up and running by this time next week. There may be more before then, but there may not.


If you've submitted something to Say...have you heard this one? you will hear back from us, hopefully by October 15 at the very, very latest. We beg your forgiveness on being even slower than usual with our responses, but with the moving, we must be realistic.

Also, we beg the forgiveness of those who've yet to receive thank you cards from us for a lovely gift. They're coming.


  • At 3:52 PM , Blogger Rob said...

    Is the Giles house in Christophers county? What authors were there?


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