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NASCAR snark?

Twenty-eight-year old writer Marty Smith has become a cult figure in the NASCAR scene, and he's apparently using the power of snark:

'There's a huge misconception that is a NASCAR property. They ask me how I can be so hard on NASCAR when they're paying the bills. Well, they aren't paying the bills.'

While some NASCAR media reports read like press releases with the focus on positive spin, Smith prefers to hit hard on many subjects. He has gained a loyal following this season for his controversial views on the new and popular Speed Channel talk show PitBull.

'The response to PitBull has been awesome -- from everyone in the garage but NASCAR. I think NASCAR hates us,' said Smith, who serves as a weekly panelist.

'We're just saying what's really going on. It's no different than what we write every day, this show just happens to be on television so more people see it.'

Next possible Dale Peck career?

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