shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


sorry, but someone alert houston

The computer was very testy today. And well, it wasn't he computer's fault. It was something from space. Or between space.

Anyway, no posting, intermittent email (which would explain why I haven't answered you if I haven't).

A day full of stuff, but in which I didn't leave the house until after 5. A day I am too tired to summarize, even if I weren't sure blogger was going to eat this post.

Amuse yourself with all the people on the right who I'm sure updated today, several times, even if feedreader was intermitting as well. I did get some work done on the book. And chill like chardonnay.

And have an M Ward on the stereo kind of afternoon.

And listen to the landlord talk to the satellite guy (did you know "tv comes from space"? me neither) in a conversation that ultimately only sucked up 30 minutes of my life for no reason.

Oh, and we looked at a house that we probably won't buy, but might. We see the inside tomorrow night.

Night now.


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