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It turns out they do now have a machine that you just sit in front of and computizes your prescription. However, the evil part is that they still do the one and two, better or worse, even though the lady giving me my exam admitted that just going with the machine's readout would be fine and it wasn't really necessary to do all the torturous back and forth. Why do I always feel like such a failure when I can't read the bottom line? Or all the letters on the bottom line? Anyway, no more of that for two years now.

Unfortunately, this little jaunt led to a nearly blind and consequently very exciting drive home (thank g-d, it's overcast today), and home incarceration for the majority of the day. The vision is slowwwwwly returning. My pupils are bigger than they were in college on Saturday night.

N/C. No change. My prescription is the only place where this holds true.

If you want to know the real deal about Ken Jennings, look no further than this sinister and illuminating post in the comments of my Ken Jennings googlism entry. And I quote: Ken is a really smart man in his own right, and the shows producers only tell him the correct answers to 85% of the questions before the show is taped.

More here on the Nefarious Norma Khouri. (Thanks, Justine!)

The cinetrix posts about the role stuntmen and women could play in our lives. Sounds good to me.

Follow MJ Rose's virtual book tour at Sarah's and Mark's in support of her new book The Halo Effect.

CAAF's living the dream, with a giant rat kangaroo hybrid. Yay!

Yeah, maybe she's a little nuts and a lot rich, but Teresa Heinz Kerry is growing on me.

TdF wrap-up in today's WP. Someone somewhere in the world is rhyming Lance with France and underpants. Right now.

Gavin, you put in the opening bid on Slate, okay?

worm "Jessica Simpson," Adam Green

namecheck Stephen "Nice Guy" Policoff


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