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welcome to my martini glass


ken jennings. ken jennings. ken jennings.

Ken Jennings is somewhere out there. A little Googlism fun.

ken jennings is the managing partner of ventureworks
ken jennings is a psychologist in private practice who specialises in sport psychology
ken jennings is properly sinister as their original "owner"

ken jennings is appropriately horrifying

ken jennings is a great tobias
ken jennings is the republican candidate for florida state senator in broward county
ken jennings is not recovering as fast as i have hoped
ken jennings is simply ferocious in a dual role

ken jennings is the only candidate
ken jennings is out on vacation today & tomorrow

Ken Jennings IS on vacation today and tomorrow. Think about it.

Do not be afraid, people of Earth.


  • At 9:55 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Everyone knows the "story" Jeopardy is telling, but heres the real story...
    Ken was a computer programer/tech support with Sony Pictures Entertainment Company, the parent company to Sony Pictures Television, which produces Jeopary. He was fired by Sony for inappropriate use of company resources. (He was using their servers to run his own web-based business, but thats a whole other story). So anyway, Ken was able to come up with some strange company policy loopholes and had a beautiful case against Sony for what he called his "wrongful termination". He met with VP David Hendler and they struck a deal to prevent Ken from suing Sony. Heres a quick overview of their agreement. Ken was able to show that had he settled out of court with Sony, the likely payout would have been $2 million+. Had the case been heard in court, he could have taken Sony for upwards of $4 million (much of that going to cover Ken's legal fees). Ken had always wanted to be a contestant on Jeopardy, but wasn't allowed because he was an employee of Sony. No longer an employee, he now had his chance, but would have to wait until the next regular season began taping after Labor Day. To drop the case, David agreed to get Ken onto the show and allow him several weeks to make some money on the show. The agreement stated that Ken will continue to win shows and remain the champion until he has earned at least $1.75 million dollars, and won at least 47 consecutive shows, setting a new record for most wins on a game show. Ken is a really smart man in his own right, and the shows producers only tell him the correct answers to 85% of the questions before the show is taped. Mr. Jennings is confident enough that once he has gone past the 47 shows and is no longer receiving the answers, he can continue on his own to earn over $2.18 million, the all-time record for winnings by a game show contestant. If you are a fan of Ken and/or the show, I won't post anymore information here.

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