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Sorry, I couldn't resist. Our Correspondent in Charge of All Things Australia, Justine, sends this Sydney Morning Herald article saying that Norma Khouri's Forbidden Love (what a title -- ewww) is being pulled from shelves in Australia by her publisher.

The Australian publishers of Norma Khouri's controversial book, Forbidden Love, have withdrawn the book from sale and advised booksellers to do the same.

Random House Australia said today the book would not be available for sale again until it had been assured by Ms Khouri that it was a true representation of her life and experiences.

Norma. Norma. Norma. I hope you had the foresight to create that phony identity for yourself. Time to build a new fictional history somewhere else. Au revoir!

I'm off to be dilated and have the fact that I'm nigh blind without my contact lenses shoved into my face. (Better or worse? A or B? Shouldn't there be a computer that just tells you what my prescription is by now?!) So, further posts today depend on how quickly I can see again.

In other news, The Birds is playing out in our backyard. Some mid-size brown mean little bastard bird has taken to chasing George back to the house. And when I say to the house, this thing flutters and beats right to our door, where I shepherd George in, slam and lock and peer fearfully out the blinds as it sits on the fence and beady-eyes me.

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