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Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that watching movies can affect hormone levels. I'd love to know how they chose the three movies they used in the test -- The Bridges of Madison County, The Godfather: Part II (we assume all audience members had seen the first one), and an unnamed documentary on the Amazon rainforest. They then tested hormone levels at intervals to judge the impact.

Clint Eastwood did nothing for women's testosterone levels in "The Bridges of Madison County". Men on the other hand had a decrease in their testosterone levels.

Ouch, Clint. You wouldn't like me when I'm not angry.

The story ends with a provocative challenge from the Professor-in-Charge:

"If you want to learn about someone's personality, look at their video collection."

As if everyone in the world doesn't do this immediately when they visit someone's house for the first time, along with their bookshelves and music collection.

(My video collection is mostly screwballs, noirs, teen movies and TV shows, thanks for asking.)

I'm wishing they'd been more ambitious in scope here, so many different types of movies it'd be interesting to look at. Please let this good work continue.

This is my last post for the day (yes, the tear ends). Have a good weekend.

worm "Perfect Circle," REM

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