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why crazy jane is my favorite

...commentator on Le Tour, that is:

But you know, this brings me to another thing. When will everyone stop bitching that we are watching a man make history? "Meh! Le Tour is boring! Meh!" Lookit: in order for a guy to break the all time record on Tour victories, he has to win a lot of tours. Duh! If he isn't your favorite, I recognize that it means your man has been losing for years on end, but honestly, if you love this sport, and enjoy seeing someone kick ass on a bike, I think you've got to frickin' give the man his due! People, lord knows, I love me some Jan Ullrich. That man is all class, and with those long, honey-colored legs, the freckles, all that brawn and angular Germanic bone structure, he's delicieux, as well. If anyone not only deserves glorious lycra victory, but has the raw material to make it look good, it's Jan; but he got beat. Period. So did everyone else, and that's because Lance Armstrong is faster. Maybe if we're lucky, and Jan brings his A-game next year, we can have a real battle, but it's not doing the other guys any favors to blame Armstrong for being better. In conclusion, Le Tour is SO not boring. Have you seen the hams on these guys?

I actually crack up everytime they do a close-up on ((((JAN ULLRICH)))) (you must say his name with your Big German Voice), because he's just such a cyborg... But still, she's right about the rest.

worm "Mr Roboto," Styx (or as I like to refer to it ((((JAN'S)))) theme song)

namecheck Kristin "Fancy Design" Livdahl


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