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"quentin tarantino makes his women wild and mean"

Well, Say...aren't you dead? is at the printers, so keep your fingers crossed. Lots of little problems this time, but let's just sing a song of hope. Things get very complicated with trying to prepare files for the printer sometimes, especially when they have mucho graphics. But, I still have faith that everything will turn out well, even though we're using a different/new printer to save time and having to trust them on a couple of things. Happy thoughts.

The designer and I stayed up till midnight whittling our fingers and minds to the quick, so I was a zombie all day and did not get to work on the Norton rewrite. It's coming along though. I will finish it before we leave and get copies of scripts in the mail to those they've been promised to. Yes, indeedy.

The death of June Carter Cash's daughter Rosie is strange and sad. If you haven't heard it, then you should immediately go out and buy June's next to last (I think) album, Press On, which is completely fabulous but in particular for the song to her wannabe starlet granddaughter, "Tiffany Anastasia Lowe." A sampling of lyrics (as is the post title):

"Tiffany, girl, go find an earthquake, go jump into a crack/Just don't let Quentin Tarantino find out where you're at."

You can trust me on this one. It's just a brilliant, beautiful record.

And of course, don't miss the Washington Post's also strange and sad story about the closure of the last great traveling sideshow, today. It seems unfair that the classic sideshow has to die in Tampa, or anything else really.

We got into a conversation about Carnivale with my granny earlier, and she informed me that, "It used to be just like that." To which Christopher said, "People coming back to life, using magic, blind psychics, etc." She said, "Yes, and I'll tell you something else, those men would line up to see those girls dance."

You hard it here first, folks. Carnivale may be a true story.


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