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welcome to my martini glass


and thens...

Got a catalogue in the mail today that is the best catalogue ever and I only wonder how I got on the mailing list for it. The business is called Heifer International, and the catalogue gives you the option of giving the "gift of goats" -- or many other animals, to developing countries in someone else's name. This seems like a really worthwhile thing, and also, how often can you buy someone a goat or a llama (or a share of such) without them getting really angry with you? Never, in my experience. And since we're near the holiday season, I thought I'd throw it out here.

The cover is really phenomenal -- it features Susan Sarandon holding two llamas by their halters and smiling as if she's about to be beautified, as CNN would say.

We went up for a quick bite to the new designed to be a neighborhood bar and getting there Buddy's (named after a dog the owner found outside the building the restaurant's in now). Enjoyable, and you'll be happy to know that Larry King seems to have been able to move on enough that he doesn't have someone related to the Roy mauling on every single night.

And I just signed up for a research survey from UK because I always feel sorry for people cold calling for this kind of thing and say yes. Plus, they basically show up with a laptop, I fill out a quiz on it and then they pay me $35. Can't beat that with a stick.

Brain hurts from script polish.


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