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So, the Say...aren't you dead? proof looks really good. What, punk? Did you think it wouldn't? Did you? Punk?


The cover is very nice and autumnal and All Hallows Eve-ish.

Christopher pranked the evil gubernatorial campaign this evening when we got home (great fun, that) and he wants me to tell everybody who might have elections going on this week that might be going out of town, say to the World Fantasy Convention, that they should vote absentee. Rock the vote! as Madonna said, so long ago.

Oh, and yes, we'll be at World Fantasy. I have confirmed that we have memberships (even though we're not on the list) and something else too, something very strange. I go to look at our itineraries today, for the flight we booked many weeks ago, and I had to ask myself: Who did this? Surely it was not I? Surely I would not be SO FREAKING INSANE as to book a flight that leaves at 6:40 AM. Surely I would not. And yet, there it is. Gremlins. It's the only answer. I will fill the bath tub in readiness for them.

Many other little things... The Washington Post had a nice long feature about Eddie Izzard that made my morning. There's nothing new for people who know anything about Eddie! in it, but it's still a really nice piece.

And then there's Michael Dirda on the late lamented The Far Side, deluxe edition that just came out. If there's a windfall, this is what my mother's getting for Christmas. I miss The Far Side and she does too.

And to turn back to more depressing politics, a nice column by Molly Ivins answering charges that all the liberals who have books on the bestseller lists are Bush-haters. I appreciate the sentiment but think I do hate him, even if I don't have a nonfiction book about it on the bestseller list.

And also, just for grins, something that will make your skin crawl the way Ari the Flea used to, it's an excerpt from a press "gaggle" with McClelly the Liar, Liar Pants on Fire:

11:21 A.M. (L)
MR. McCLELLAN: I'll add one thing. I looked into that last question. I read the report. So I just wanted to add to it -- on Knight-Ridder that you asked about, so we'll just close it off on the gaggle.

All right, I looked into the report about the Knight-Ridder article where it had an unnamed senior administration official saying that the President didn't want to see any more unnamed senior administration officials quoted in articles. And I can tell you that there is no truth to it -- only on the condition that I am an unnamed senior administration official.

Q Are you on the record?

MR. McCLELLAN: That was on background. (Laughter.)
11:22 A.M. (L) END

Sometimes a sense of humor is a disturbing thing.

Oh, and Christopher wanted me to point you to the link to cute dog pictures here.


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