shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


greetings from the land of sunshine and wagging tails

My day today consisted of me talking and talking and talking for six hours (the technical term may be teaching), but owing to the slight cough I've had every since the weather went weird I now have practically no voice. And the sun is shining brightly. A girl obviously has no choice but to sit out in the backyard reading and drinking for the rest of the afternoon, right? Especially since Mr. Rowe just called me and said he was being short with everyone today and he sounded very tired.

There's a park a little ways from our house (actually, there are three--make that four) and it has bronze statues of horses racing in front of a big fountain. It also has these cool walkways lined with plaques about people with all sorts of interesting, weird, cool facties on them. We rode our cruisers down there last night, after watching Tyler dominate the race first of course, and I rode on the crinkly cobbledy part. It was very exciting. Later, I jumped a curb.

If we weren't taking it easy tonight, we would go see a new band with some of the Apples in Stereo guys in it just a block away. If. But they play around a lot, so maybe next time.

Of course, that's bad karma right there -- especially when we are busily doing as much promotion as we can for the Trampoline reading in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, lots of people will come anyway. It's good karma to come. Really, people, really good karma.

There was something else.. Oh yes, birthdays I've forgotten. In the move, I lost my birthday calendar, which is sad and must be reconstructed. Happy birthday, Mr. Zakbar, belatedly! I feel your trainer woe.

And anyone else whose birthday is near past or near future that I've missed, I know it is but have lost the date. Send it to me in email. But wait a couple of days because my email address is changing. More on that to come. In email.

I believe I have nothing interesting to say and so will stop now.

OH OH OH, one last thing: yes, I got the birthday package and it was filled with graphic novelly goodness that I didn't have and we are now fighting over the contents as to who gets to read which ones first EVEN THOUGH it's my birthday present. Go figure. Thank you muchly, muchly.


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