shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


stalking the elusive zzzzzzzz's

I will never learn that the absolute worst thing you can do when you haven't been getting enough sleep is take a two hour nap in the late afternoon. Now, I'll once again get not enough sleep tonight. But damn it, I'm going to try anyway.

George is snoring, after all. Maybe it's contagious.

Because today was a slow descent into Marseilles day (but still, damn fine scenery) in the race, just one article on the Tour and this one's for you nonbelievers.

And, the Washington Post gets down and dirty with what will beat the Bushies out of office. (knocking on every kind of wood in the world on that statement) Just one day's news? Sure, but it's the beginning of the downward ooze. "Darn good" intelligence? Banging. Head. On. Desk.

And, just so we can have some intelligent life to recover after that, a heads up to a wonderful interview with Jon Stewart and Bill Moyer, in which Stewart diagnoses everything that's wrong with the news. (Nod of thanks in Canada's general direction.)

And that's it. I'm reading "Dust" by Arthur Slade which is creepy and changes every time I think I know what it is. Very good.

And good night.


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