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william saroyan said it was cool so kiss my grits

Not much tonight and it occurs to me that the only really big news (besides the Tour, of course) is that I am the proud owner of a new bicycle and Christopher is the proud owner of his third bicycle. They are single-speed cruisers, with cool chrome fenders and big cushy seats and I've been told I can have a bell! Yay!

It is like flying and being that age it was great being riding them with the wind doing its dance. Like living out my childhood fantasy of being able to honestly ride wherever I like, even on the ROAD, and no one will start crying or get out the sedan and troll slowly the streets until they see me.

It rocks.

So, we've been riding bicycles. And working. And getting too little sleep. And watching the damn exciting bicycle race. The usual.

Meanwhile, seventy sextillion stars. Sextillion. Seventy. Go figure.

And you can't have Orson Welles' Oscar for Citizen Kane.

And I got an awesome birthday package with the most beautiful neclace ever in it. And a punching Amish guy to fight with punching Mr. T.

Who'd you put your money on? Crazy Vietnam vet with an afro and packing 300 pounds of faux gold or guy wearing long underwear and overalls FOREVER?


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