shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


lazy, frenetic days in the sahari

Speedy, Internet maestro Richard has snapshots from Syc Hill up. Very nice photography, and the backdrop is amazingly beautiful.

Wasabi peanuts are the most wonderful new thing in life.

We were going to go see "28 Days Later," but decided talking to Mr. Butner on the phone was more entertaining. Plus, this is a serious TV night. We'll go see it another night this week. (I'm excited, as I love scary movies; hell, I love WRITING scary movies -- and so few good ones get made. Christopher could really do without them, most comfortably.)

I updated our netflix queue earlier and put lots of good stuff on, so expect a flood of good movie recommendations coming soon. We need to clear out the three movies we have currently: "It Happened One Night" (which has the sexiest scene in film in it, and I just like to see every once in awhile and should probably just buy and get it over with), "The Fast Runner (which we've had for months now, and just don't seem to be in the mood for but which will get watched this week), and "Below" (which comes with high recommendations from a ton of different people).

It is hot and beautiful here. Such days as dreams are sweat-soaked by. Speaking of sweat-soaked, Yoshimi battling the robots makes excellent gym music.

And a weekend of no looking at the novel, but back to work tomorrow. For now, another glass of wine and the smell of charcoal on the breeze. Life is good.


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