shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


dancing on tiny pieces of glass

Reminder to self that hitting back key will shut the whole damn thing down for some annoying reason.


Yes, I miss him. Terribly.

Yes, the book's on track. I might even finish it. I might even have written almost all a synopsis for the next script today.

But now, some amusing things.

From this interesting and scary article with the author of a new book on dictators (up close and personal):

His eyes rest briefly on his photo album, though he seems to be thinking about something else. "But I am fascinated by the subject of dictatorships, and I've been to a place called Kalmykia in the Russian Federation. It's one
of the independent republics," he says. "It's a bizarre place ruled by a very bizarre chess champion who's imposing Buddhism and chess as the two national religions. So it's an incredible place, so I might do something on that subject."

And, offered without comment, Margaret Atwood gives her own definitions of fantasy, science fiction and speculative fiction in the New York Times.


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