shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


We must all bow before the extreme HTML acumen of Mr. Jon Hansen. I said, bow.

Seriously, thanks to Jon for figuring out how to fix the font issues and, perhaps even more miraculously, communicating that information to me. Obviously, he is a cyborg of some kind who will destroy us all, but really I can't hold that against him right now.

A day filled with typing and obnoxious phone calls and the strange clarity lack of sleep can bring.

Something else is wrong with the car. And, we're just hoping it can be fixed before I end up in a mushy heap on the road. Of course, this being the kind of week it is, I can't take off work for safety reasons so tomorrow's drive should be really interesting. This is what's known as a cliffhanger, folks. You have to tune in tomorrow to see if I made it, if I didn't, or if I have a really horrible story about roadside misfortune. Perhaps the peacock -- which yes, does still show up sometimes, flapping along the same section of guardrail -- will be a player in my fate. Or maybe it'll be the herd of llamas.

You just never know.

And, my favorite story today, what Ari could do with his and Helen's poetic relationship..


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