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soul music, stinky cheese and good, cheap wine

The new Gillian Welch album is awesome, if you haven't picked it up yet, do so. Very pretty and moody and lovely.

I'm a little skeptical that this is actually going to work, since I saw a thing that said the new blog this interface would _not_ work with Mac IE and that's what I'm on but, damned if it isn't the new interface. So, I'm not going to put up anything too important. (Different from normal how? you might be asking to which I say, Lips that are stitched together are pretty.)

Christopher came home and me and George are happy and we've been to the farmer's market and to see some friends' new puppy and to the liquor store to buy stinky cheese, good olive oil and wine. All that jazz. Regular programming, returned.

I stayed up to watch the new Showtime series, "Dead Like Me," last night. (I really liked "Out of Order" by the way, although the effects are not as seamless as say, "Six Feet Under" effects. That's pure budget though and as I often say about CGI-heavy movies when other people complain about the FX, I go to see movies for stories and not for FX--I still think Poltergeist has some of the most effective such put on film, and those were pretty damn primitive. Not to mention going all the way back to Dr. Caligari. If the story's right, you can have my disbelief, suspended by a pretty bow.) Anyway, it started out a little awkward and slow, but charming, and by the end I was hooked enough to watch the next episode. Lots of things were just reformulations of tropes that are around, but some things felt fresh too, and the characters weren't even necessarily likeable, which in TV is interesting--since sympathetic leads seem to be a rule. There were definitely a few "Lovely Bones"-esque moments, and some moments that reminded me of Buffy and Angel and magical realism in general. But. When the show settled down setting itself up and began, really began, it started to hit a rhythm. I recommend it, for now.

I did not finish the book yet, but I'm getting damn close. It's turning out a little longer than I'd expected, but not overly so and I'm sure will tighten up a bit on the second pass. But, it's nearly done, which is worth three cheers and shutting one eye to squint at the end of the tunnel. I'm still not sure if it's light I see there.


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