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welcome to my martini glass


Wow. Um, blogger is all, um, different. I hope this still works the same, because I am too exhausted to decode the Internet just now.

Long week and long story short. Got back to work on the YA book, which is plugging along toward an ending, I hope, I pray... And I intend to finish it before next Friday, when Christopher comes back from Syc Hill. Because then while he'll have been off having sassy writer fun with brilliant, fun writers, I'll have at least finished a book.

Took nephews to Science Center in Louisville with parents today. Watched The Princess Bride (which they'd never seen) on mini-van screen for the backseat people to watch -- the modern world never ceases to amaze me. I wonder two things if time could be reversed and our old rainbow station wagon had a video player and screen in it when my brother and I were kids:

1. Would there have been a reduction in hitting each other and screaming "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you"?

2. Would we have read less?

I suspect the answer to both is yes. However, the plus, as you must be thinking, is that it keeps the kids quiet. Does it? NO, actually, it means that they'll ask you to explain what's happening or if this is a funny part because the screen's really too small for them to keep up if they haven't seen something (like Tarzan) a million times already. Lesson learned. Don't be ambitious. Don't try to pick movie I would actually want to watch.

Finished "Tithe" and quite liked it. The zippy YA read I've been looking for, dark and pretty.

Am now working on finishing "I, Lucifer." Also seem to be working on using sentence fragments and poor sentence construction in entire blogger entry.

I'll be more grammatically correct tomorrow, I promise.


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