shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


Very short entry today, because this has been the Long Week of Doom and I'm tired. You know you must go to bed, despite the two hour nap earlier, when the music goes off and it seems like a waste to walk in the opposite direction of the bed to put it on again.

So, two links and then lights out.

There's a great New York Times' piece about this soldier who went crazy proposing to women online. What you really must see, though, is the accompanying photo. I call it: "Jilted with Poodle."

And another one, that has sad and happy parts and disturbs me on a few levels I'm too tired to examine right now about someone in Madison, Wisconsin who plays this online RPG Anarchy A LOT. The idea of virtual protests is intriguing, but really, Madison's nice and they should go walk by the water more.


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