shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


This will probably be abbreviated, since Christopher is cooking and the cooking sounds are less and less which probably means it's close to time to actually eat the food.

I have to finish the script. I have to finish the script by the end of next weekend. I am in serious avoidance of the script mode. This is not PRETTY. Grrrr.

Today. I managed to keep saying how I needed to work, then spending all day running errands. It was a beautiful day and fun, but I did feel a bit ridiculous when any hint of an interesting shop or yard sale was enough for me to scream, "Let's go back!" And I got a chair massage from a hippie painter, who it turned out used to inhabit our very same building 10 years ago. She also told us that we should get married around year 3, because she and her boyfriend have been together for 6 years and it's just never going to happen now. You have to think they have a great relationship for her to be telling this to two complete strangers.


Last night was this month's gallery hop. We were mostly underwhelmed by the art, but there's something about getting free nosh that means you can't complain too much. We saw a beautiful exhibit of Loas, some just unbelievably wonderful, which was the highlight of the evening. And I bought something, something I can wear, but I can say no more. I still have to go pick it up.

I'll try and find some links to the Loa lady's art, because it was so good.

Then we went to Buster's which is the neighborhood bar bar, with an awesome juke box, and had a couple of beers, then home to watch the extremely interesting Dogtown and Z Boys documentary.

Up early this morning for Farmer's Market and fresh flowers and nice vegetables and the dogs all trying to behave while they show each other up and etc.

See what I'm like when I'm avoiding The Work? As I said, it ain't pretty. Why don't I go check on dinner?

Did I mention I started a new story to avoid working on the script?


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