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From an interview with the wonderful photographer Rosamund Purcell in Conduit (which is a fine little magazine):

Q: ... Is exploration in danger of becoming extinct?

Purcell: I would hope not. We're living in a grim time and in a grim place, a wrong-headed place. We're stuck with television and newspaper and what do we really know? We know nothing. So I don't think we explore things enough. We wouldn't be in the trouble we're in if we had any understanding of how we are seen by the rest of the world--we don't understand how other people live, we don't know how to treat them. And even just thinking about going into a jungle to explore, you know every one in a while an explorer will find something like that mouse lemur that no one knew existed, but otherwise, we understand very little of what we see. In every period of time the people think, well now we've exhausted all the possibilities, now we know it all--but how could we know where the boundaries of exploration end?

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