shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


Feeling much better this afternoon, thank you. A day of rest helped immensely and almost de-scratched throat.

We are off to Nashville in about an hour, and upon our return I will report back about the size of Mira Sorvino's head--larger than normal, smaller? It's hard to say without having seen it firsthand.

Started Kalpa Imperial at the laundromat and it is fabulous and wonderful and I don't know why I'm saying this like you don't all know it or expect it to be so, but. It is really lovely and you should start reading it immediately. Unless, of course, you're reading Trampoline. You can finish that first. Or, um, Say... what time is it?

But that's it. After those, you have to read Kalpa Imperial, all right? And if you for some reason, like you live under a rock where good taste doesn't shine, you do not have a copy, then proceed directly to and order one. There.

And now, I think I can steal thirty minutes to work on the YA book, which proceeds apace (I always wanted to say that, proceeds apace). Keep your fingers crossed that these particular Hollywood people are smarter and better able to instantly recognize genius than the rest.

Smooch. Have good weekends.


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