shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


So, Drew the Pleasant Punisher says to me last night, as I concentrate very hard to keep my legs moving in an awkward motion and not have a stroke, "I like to think of this as a cross between the treadmill and the stairmaster." At which point I think, wow, I really should thank him for actually defining my idea of hell.

I didn't even open the file of the script yesterday. Bad, bad, bad. No one should feel sorry for me next week, when I am in dispair and getting up in the wee hours. Well, maybe a little...

I did read some pieces from workshop so I can get caught up there, and sometimes that will shake out the gauze from my head and help me work better, so we'll see. We'll try. We will at least stare at the screen and tweak the same sentence over and over again. This is colloquialism gone wrong folks; I'm using something that is not the royal we, but is wholly inappropriate here.

Stephen Hunter went to chain restaurants and reviewed them. The results are high-larious and high calorie. Read 'Eating the Movies.'


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