shaken & stirred

welcome to my martini glass


stolen time

On a convention computer. We made it to Glasgow a day late because of the Toronto plane crash (they literally turned around the plane and took us back to Charlotte mid-flight; on the plus side, Mr. Butner happened to be in Charlotte and came by to mock Kingdom of Heaven and Bad Local News with us). Are having tons of fun and seeing way too many people to list. Good food, good wine, bad exchange rate.

Hello to those of you coming here by way of the Analog or Asimov's featured blog page -- I promise far better content to come once we are home from WorldCon and have proper internet access.

If anyone wants to water the plants, hug George and read all the blog posts I've missed on Bloglines, that would be great. The weather here is marvelously cool and breezy. Tomorrow we dress up fancy. Now, to buy things (already got a hardback edition of Air) and see smart people talk.


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