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reactions inside the field to 12 hawks sitting in a tree blabbing on his satellite phone

Or pointers to reviews/discussion of The Traveler, as requested the other day.

John Joseph Adams recently reviewed the book over at The Slush God Speaketh (I don't know how I missed that one to begin with, but thanks Pam!). He sez:

It's one of those books that reads as if it was written only to be made into a movie (indeed, the movie rights have already been snapped up by Universal with Spielberg attached to direct), and if one were to make an accurate this crossed with that comparison, one might choose "The Highlander crossed with Robert Ludlum," rather than the absurd analogy quoted above. But though the book seems to have only popcorn pretensions, the prose is sharp and clean, with vividly described action sequences, making for a fast and easy read.

There's more and the ultimate verdict is along the lines of enjoyable fluff -- exactly the response I've seen from readers outside the field. JJA's comparison to a movie seems an apt one.

And John Klima points to the same lengthy discussion thread over at the Night Shade Books Message Board that touched off JJA's review.


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