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10 truths about traveling to Scotland (UPDATE no. 6)

1. Beginning your vacation with a massage is essential. Knot-free air travel always recommended. Also, try a nap after that massage. Don't you feel better already?

2. There is no good way to pack a fancy dress. (Dry cleaning story sold separately, but, I even got to see a fellow customer's spectacular brown recluse bite -- if you've never seen pictures, it actually resembles cutaneous anthrax. Ouch. I told him to go to the doctor and not to ooze on my freshly cleaned dress.)

3. Don't forget the little envelope the convention people sent. They said to bring it. If you bought tickets from Orbitz, you probably have to have paper tickets -- bring those too.

4. Preparing for a five/six-ish day stint in a foreign country is so much more taxing than a domestic trip. Unsure exactly why, probably a combination of many little things.

5. There's at least a dozen people I won't get to see enough of. Guaranteed.

6. I'm waffling on whether to take a computer. I have this baby computer which is quite light. Since we're going to a Science Fiction Convention, logic would convince that there will be wireless access. But, then again, not where we're staying, so maybe I'll just catch computers as catch can and upload pictures stateside. Plus, doubtful I'll actually care. But then there's always the possiblity I might get some (re)writing done during our five hour Canadian lay-over. (Toronto.) Your vote counts. UPDATE: I may just bring a print-out and work longhand; sounds like wireless will be scarce and expensive (not in the budget), so probably very little blogging until Tuesday, August 9.

7. The exchange rate sucks. Big time. Ask me how.

8. Where are all the teeny books made of hollow paper that weigh less than an ounce I've been meaning to read? They were all here yesterday.

9. At the moment, I actually do wish I had one of those little portable music gizmos.

10. Remember, approaching with an extra drink in hand or to offer a drink means I like you already. (Whisky, cider & black or a nice white wine preferred.)

Safe travel everyone, see you there.


  • At 4:33 PM , Anonymous Didi said...

    Truthful comments about Scottish truths...

    1. Alas, no massage. I've got one planned for after the con, when the girlfriend and I have our own relaxacon.

    2. Packing a nice jacket is no picnic either.

    3. I didn't forget the envelope. I lost it. After mocking a friend who threw hers away. I suck.

    4. I actually love preparing for foreign trips. Takes a toll on the work, though.

    5. Amen to that.

    6. Wireless access is purported to be terribly expensive. I intend to blog with my phone. Mostly pictures (to be taken with said phone).

    7. Doesn't it? Ugh.

    8. See next item.

    9. A-ha! I actually have one, and it's got books from Audible in it, as well as music.

    10. Lager or a red wine for me, thanks.

  • At 4:56 PM , Blogger CAAF said...

    Safe travels, dear Ms. G.! Can't wait to hear the adventures you and Christopher get up to!

    Apparently, I am all exclamations points in vicarious excitement about your trip: !!!!

    p.s. My mum's been bit by a recluse. Nasty, nasty stuff. The necrolizer.

  • At 8:12 PM , Anonymous Darice (peacockharpy) said...

    Well, I vote "bring laptop."

    I mean, yes, I've taken my laptop to cons before and not touched it the entire time.

    On the other hand, you can write up con notes and then put them in your blog for all us Scotland-deprived people. Even if you have to post them after your return. :)

  • At 7:55 AM , Blogger gwenda said...

    Now I'm leaning toward taking it, just in case I want to work while bored at airport. Blame the people of Scottishland for the lack of updates while we're away. Not my own laziness, no, not at all.

    Ooh, CAAF, yuck, that's no good at all. Brown recluses are awful.

    Safe travel, Didi!

  • At 8:11 AM , Blogger Jenny D said...

    My vote's for the printout, even the baby computer is going to seem heavier than you thought after you've carried it on various legs of the journey... Have a great trip, Gwenda!

  • At 9:37 AM , Blogger Didi said...

    Thanks, Gwenda, same to you!

    (Also, I found the envelope. Yay!)

  • At 9:42 AM , Blogger gwenda said...

    Jenny D, your wisdom hath prevailed. For even my giant bag can't hold all my reading material AND the baby comp-U-tOR.


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