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sunburns feel idiotic

Even when they're accidental, it turns out. You just ought to be able to protect yourself from these sorts of things. It's all your fault for not having sunscreen, etc. And yet, after not having one for a bazillion--or at least 10--years (since high school?), it's not as bad as I remember. Of course, that could be because I snicked a couple of George's pills (strictly doctor's orders, or WebMD anyway), which are what they prescribe for really bad sunburns or to prophylax sunburns. It seems to have worked. I'm obnoxiously red and there's some pain, but less than there should be considering. Also, aspirin helps, if you take it in the first 24 hours.

At any rate, I'm almost on my one true vacation for the year, and came home to my Lush box (courtesy of a b-day gift cert) filled with Karma perfume and Dream Cream and a bunch of free soap samples. I believe we've now got everything we need for the trip, except my dress, which had a sudden emergency and went to the cleaners. (Excellent cleaners, more on that after I pick it up tomorrow and see how good a job they did.)

Other things:

Please welcome Mr. van Eekhout to the bloggerworld or World 'O Blogger, as you prefer.

The Senses Five Press blog likes Magic for Beginners, as all sane people do. Sidenote: While we were out running errands, we saw this gigantic white truck, outfitted with a strange white metal shield on top of the cab. Obviously, a zombie contingency plan waiting to happen, although I prefer to think the owner is just a visionary who has already put the plan into motion.

Jenny D just read M.T. Anderson's awesome Thirsty and has discovered the best Amazon review ever. I steal it here for I am a thief:

This book is good but it has many lies. First,people just dont TURN into vampires, they have to be blooded. Second, they CAN tell who other vampires are in a crowd, but not by their shadows, they have an aura (a scent a vampire gives off).

This book was very missleading. If you want a book that is true, I would strongly recommend a different book. If you are looking for a fairy tale, this would be your book.

Mr. McLaren's mother, meet Mr. T's mother. (Mr. McLaren is back and blogging up a storm, btw.)

You know what Christopher always says: some things make better anecdotes than experiences. I'm pretty sure this is one of those things. Ouch.


  • At 10:38 AM , Blogger Shana said...

    what a pleasure to hear you're another lush fan, gwenda!


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