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the librarian tango, pt. 2

So it's less than 100,000-and-eleventy degrees outside, for a change, though still relatively sticky. Seemed like the perfect excuse for an after-dinner walk. By the time we got down to the library, we were ready to go inside in the nice and cool. We browsed for awhile, collecting a slightly insane amount of books and one DVD (slightly insane because we'd brought no bag to carry things in). I also remembered I had a book on hold--Sarah Dunn's The Big Love, which I've heard lots of good things about and been meaning to read for ages--but I'd forgotten my library card. We asked our friendly librarian if he could help us out. "If I'm going to bend the rules for people I don't like on a routine basis, may as well bend it for someone I do." He proceeded to magic me all my books, cardless, the one on hold and the ones I'd collected. AND he's aready ordered the new Alex Wilson graphic omnibus Tricked so we can take it out. (I think most of you are familiar with my love of Box Office Poison: a really great sitcom for smart people, in graphic novel form.) Meanwhile, friendly librarian two was demurely turning down his sister-in-law's request to "renew my book just one more time" and finding a book on oil for Mr. Rowe.

I love our library.

Besides The Big Love, I took out The Wisdom of Crowds, Vanishing Point by David Markson, and 98 Reasons for Being by Claire Dudman (I love me some Struwwelpeter). Lots of other reading to do in the meantime, but still, with these, the LBC books and the books I came home from Worldcon with (not to mention Lydia Millet's Oh Pure and Radiant Heart, which is very lose to the top of the stack), I am a very happy girl.

Except for the damn makes-reading-and-writing-torturous hay fever. From my burning eyes to yours.


  • At 9:46 AM , Blogger Justine Larbalestier said...

    I adore librarians. For so many reasons. Without them my book, Battle of the Sexes, would have been a lot, lot, lot worse than it is.

  • At 2:42 PM , Blogger Clare Dudman said...

    Hello Gwenda Bond - thanks for getting my book out of the library....

    It says that you are writer on your profile - what sort of thing do you write?


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